You buy me house?


Dear Hillary,

My Thai girlfriend and I want to buy some land upcountry where she comes from near Nong Khai. The price seems reasonable and in a few years I would be happy to retire in that place. The other day she went up country and rang me to say that we could buy some land OK, but it would take two months for the deeds to be transferred into my company’s name. If she were to buy it in her name then the deeds could be transferred in two days. This doesn’t seem right to me, Hillary. Do you think I am being taken for a ride here?


Dear James,

First off, James my Petal, is to decide whether it is “my Thai girlfriend and I” who want this land, or is it your Thai girlfriend? I must say I do not know too many farangs who have successfully retired to Nakhon Nowhere, approximately 20 kilometers this side of the Laos border. Since you want the title deeds in your company name, I take it that you want to retain control over it. Buying it in someone else’s name does not fit in with that does it? Go and talk to a lawyer.

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  • pierre a

    If you go to a lawyer, chose one, not the one who will be friend of gf family

  • David Craig

    I think you should buy the land in her name and build a house in her name. Her Thai husband/boyfriend will be very grateful for your generosity when he and your ex-girlfriend throw you out of their house.

  • Chris

    Dump the “girlfriend” now. She is already trying to scam you and it WILL only get worse. Once she has had all she can get out of you you then become a prime candidate to have an “accident” so she can move on and trap another.