Will I have to pay Palimoney?


Dear Hillary,

What is the situation with Thai law when you split from a live-in girlfriend?  Does she have any legal rights to your property, cars, houses and such?  I’ve been with this girl for about a year, but it’s time to change, but she’s already got the hand out and wants the house and the car.  Hand them over, or tough it out?  What is your advice?


Dear Jack,

You are asking the wrong person, Petal.  This is Hillary, with heart balm for those injured in love, not a lawyer specializing in marital problems, even though some days it seems like it.  However, I would imagine that the crux of the matter hinges on whose name is on the ownership documents.  Foreigners cannot own houses in Thailand in their own names, so many just put the house in the girlfriend’s name, which is not such a smart move if there is a break-up.  See a lawyer.