Why westerners fall in love with Thai women


Dear Hillary,

You get lots of letters questioning why western men fall in love with Thai girls.  Many factors, including: Thai women have a great sense of responsibility to family.  My Thai step-mother has been married to my father for over 24 years and always took care of the family when my father was at work.

Second, Thai women know how to have fun.  Not once did any of my Thai girlfriends ever give me a hassle about low funds or being bored.  They each surprised me when I was low on cash.

Third, a significant portion of Thai women and many other Asian women do not butterfly – it’s not a part of their culture.  These women remain faithful to their man.

Fourth, Thai women are very feminine.  I love their display of the motto, The Land of Smiles; their sense of shyness at first, then friendship afterward.

Fifth, Western women are boring.  All they want to know from a man is what kind of car he drives, his job/career, will he take care of her so she doesn’t have to work again.  Western women make lousy girlfriends and wives.  Western women need to change their attitude and learn from Thais just how to keep their men happy.


Dear Jackson,

You are obviously a student of human nature and a good observer of cultures, but don’t you think you have been just a little hard on our western cousins?  There are many western women with a sense of responsibility, fun to be with, faithful to their partners, feminine and not boring.  You are being too sweeping, Petal, though I think there are probably more Thai women with those attributes than westerners, but I can’t really comment.

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