Where is my dream girl?


Dear Hillary,

Like any male in Pattaya I’d like to meet the girl of my dreams. Someone with an education, able to discuss the events of the day, well dressed, good looking and honest. She doesn’t have to be Miss Thailand, but must be a nice person you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with. With the number of young girls here in Pattaya, that should be easy – but it isn’t. Starting off with the bar girls. They can’t speak English and almost all of them are jungle bunnies. The ones that can speak English are older than I am, and I’m no spring chicken. So now you look at the ones that have a job. Working in an office, bank, clinic, or the like, these are only interested in money, yours. Many have a “sideline” and if you meet one of these so-called “good girls” at a party and she goes home with you, that is their sideline. And yes, she will ask for money in the morning. Then there’s the ones at the top. You meet them at ‘thank you’ parties, condo openings, very much high on the social scale. Great English, probably spent some time there, and the girl of your dreams is in this group. Only one problem, she isn’t interested in you. So it’s back to the bars where somebody appears interested in you, but they’re not. They are interested in your money! So you are back where you started. Need I go on?


Dear Alby,

You are having a problem, aren’t you. On the round-a-bout and don’t know when to get off. Trying to get a girlfriend, ticking off the various features desired, is like buying a car. Just make the attributes you want to be brown eyes and black hair and you’re off and running. Forget the rest of your ‘must have’ items. Just join the dating game, enjoy the short term liaisons and your dream girl will appear one day.

  • Robert

    Think of it as buying a used car. Low mileage vs high mileage, fashion verses sense. Also, if only the “hiso” Thai lady will do you must “change you” to become the sort of man a top caliber lady will entertain having as a suitor. You have a lot stacked against you in wealthy Thai men and Thai women who value beauty over intellect.

  • John Nielson

    Don’t want the “entry level” bar girls but the high class girls want nothing to do with you because you don’t earn enough money? Get realistic with your goals. Get a better job so you are in the same class as the “ones on top” or settle with the ones you can afford.

    • J West Hardin

      What a fantasy…..fall off a bar stool into the arms of a loving doctor or business executive. Shes rich, manicured and educated, independent and worldly. Of course she’s been waiting for her dream date, a fat flatulent beer swilling failed badly at home and ended up flat on his back, in the sleaziest bung hole in the world, maybe with a mediocre pension that rises and falls with any suggestion or not by the mercurial BOE govenor, of a rate rise, over middle aged mostly broke bar-john fool to fall out of the sky so that she can ride around Pattaya on the baht bus back and forth between his grotty farang rooming house to Walking Street for another night of booze, degenerate losers and jungle bunny whores….why wouldn’t she want you? Dream on my friend…..dream on.

  • Fred Flinstone

    If you want to find an intelligent lady spend a year as a volunteer in an NGO and observe a more “chaste” lifestyle until a natural attraction occurs. If it is too much for you to invest a year in the unhurried search for “Miss Right” you deserve “Miss Right Now.”