Where did the money go?


Dear Hillary,

I apologize for my unprofessional English. Is it possible that a letter from Germany are not arriving the receiver or right target? I have meet a nice Thai girl in the last holiday and the friendship between us are deepens. I write in the meantime several letters to my girlfriend and she write me back. And we have no problems until now. The last letter I write on August but no answer. Inside the letter 2,000 baht and some picture. I called to my girl at the bar but she said there is no letter coming from me. What will I do? Your newspaper are my only help for my Heartbreak Situation. I talk with other people who are stay in Thailand before and they talk to me that some girls are simply lying. But I am really desperate and I only want to know what is true or not, because I love she very much. Have maybe somebody of the Post staff stolen the letter or anybody else? So I want to know your meaning about this sadden situation. I am thank you and I looking forward of an answer of you to me.



Dear Jurgen from ‘Yeraman’,

Don’t worry about your English as your emotions came through very plainly (and painfully too). Unfortunately I have heard from many people that letters containing money go missing. The answer is to disguise the fact that there may be money in the letter by putting it inside a card or a small magazine. That way when the letter is held up to a bright light you cannot see the money inside. Perhaps it might also be better to save your money so that you can get over here more often. There are much safer ways to transfer money too. Have you looked into using a safe debit card account for her, as you can transfer money directly to an account that you control? By the way, I don’t think your girlfriend is lying, from the information that you have given me, but scams have been known for many years. Be careful!

  • roskruge

    Jurgen, I have been in a similar situation. but looking back now, Don’t send money, by any means, I have seen girls open letters from foreigners, take out the money then ignore the actual letter.

    • Ted Partridge

      OH DEAR..another one! now hear my very abbreviated letter .have just been thru all the lies etc ,and behaved exactly as a sugar daddy should as in the money the promises to leave the bar at soi lk and back to being a mother to her young family which are being looked after by her 85 yr old mother at present ,as well as going back to her teaching job in khorat all lies ,i found out too late.also,sending letters and expecting them to read them wont work ,as many can talk english but cant write or read it..but they recognise the colour of money for sure..my experience was that anything i wrote to her was read and answered by her boss with obvious results..also ..sending money via your bank or western union will incur heavy fees from your end as well as thai banks getting a fat share at their end ,,resulting in less money for your friend than you were expecting .cheaper in the long run to pay for her passport and airfare to your homeland to stay a few weeks with you,providing that does not get you into strife at you end good luck

  • Chris

    Jurgen, do not fall in love with this girl!
    You do not say where you met her but I suspect it was a bar in which case please take off your blinkers and see that she is in fact not to put too fine a point on it a prostitute nothing more and nothing less.
    If you like her then by all means buy her services when you are in Thailand but do not send her money when you are not there (would you send money to a prostitute in Germany who you had paid for sex).
    If you are sending your letters to the bar it is certainly not beyond belief that the money was stolen by one of her co workers, it is also very likely that she has several men all sending regular donations. I did once know a girl who boasted that she had 7 men all sending her between 2000THB and 5000THB a month.

  • Dan

    Why send letters???
    Use your phone instead,via Messenger,Line,Whatsapp etc you can call, video call and send messages for free and if you insist on send money to her you can transfer money to her account or use Western Union

  • Robert

    Dear Jurgen,

    I know this last tango in paradise may seem like the “real thing” to you, but you have to first find out what you “really want.” If you wish to marry the girl and set her up with a proper household that is one thing (I am confident her Thai husband will appreciate that). If you are content to send little “gifts” while you are in Germany with your wife it is quite another. The fact that you are sending cash in the mail in the 21st century strongly suggests to me that there is a Mrs Jurgen in Frankfort who has access to your financial transfer information. If that is wrong, please tell me why you will not bring her to Germany who seems to be willing to take everyone?


    If you were serious you would be here with her!, but you have tethers and responsibilities at home so concentrate on those and forget the romance on the way to the graveyard.