Timely advice


Dear Hillary,

What is it with Thai people and time keeping?  My GF is never on time.  30 minutes to an hour is about the usual for her.  I even bought her a watch, as I thought that might get her to be more punctual, but no.  Watch is a fashion accessory I think!  Everyone I know has the same problem with Thai timekeeping – it just doesn’t exist.  Don’t they know it is very rude to be late for appointments?


Dear Will,

It might take all the ‘will’ in the world for Thais to be punctual, but what you have to understand is that Thai people are more easy going than the westerners who seem to think that “time” is the most important factor in their lives.  You will worry yourself to death, Will.  Learn to build in some wiggle factors with the appointments.


    Option 1 :
    After just 4 years I taught my Thai wife to be on time by not waiting, several times. She got the hint after arriving at our announced meeting place 20-30 minutes late and I was gone, Did similar with Dentist – had 3 PM appt. and at 3:30 I left with no explanation. Did this once more and next appt. on time.
    Option 2, ( for the strong hearted ).
    Be a day or two late with her “allowance “.

  • Robert

    They are Buddhist. They know the past is unimportant and the future is uncertain. They enjoy “now” much better than the average Westerner.