The Eagle has landed – but where?


Dear Hillary,

Why does Thailand censor the watching of wildlife on the internet?  I wanted to watch an eagle catch its prey on a video clip and Thailand wouldn’t allow it.  Now, I know they won’t let me get the US lottery results and other stuff, but wildlife?  Seen Hangover 2 in Bangkok?  No problem with that here even on TV.  Have the censors been in a go-go/Patpong?  Ugghh.

Jerry S.

Dear Jerry S.,

You have me a little perplexed, Petal.  What is this eagle clip that you say is banned in Thailand?  And Hangover 2?  You’ve lost me.  I’ve just been watching Yak and cheering for Hanuman.  I think you should restrict yourself to General Exhibition movies only.

  • Jerry S

    I will type slowly. The eagle clip was posted on my internet page. I couldn’t watch the eagle catch its prey. Thai censors prevented it. So, there is this movie ‘Hangover II’ filmed in Tland and shown in every theatre in Thailand. It is even on TV although it has graphic situations. No problem. Got it?

  • Kamel Hyder

    Hmm; watching the monkey king Hanuman…Do you realise this is an adult site with adult issues? Is that why you’re confused with what a “Hangover 2” movie consists of? Now, about Thai comedy shows….ugghh. Is ‘Yak’ where you obtain your sage advise?

  • ‘An Eagle catch its Prey’……go to Beach Road and watch a ladyboy catch his…same same!