Tea, muffins and rumpy pumpy


Dear Hillary,

Last week you had this poor chap who didn’t like answering questions in a beer bar.  Who does he think he is?  If he wants tea and muffins and some culture, then he’s drinking in the wrong places.  The six star hotels for you, Sir.  If you want some hassle-free fun, then answer the girl’s questions and don’t get on your high horse.  Bars are for having fun, don’t you agree Ms Hillary?


Dear Monty,

Of course you are right.  The problems that you chaps have with the bar scene is you all want to find the girl of your dreams and settle down and raise hamsters.  Bar girls are for fun times not for getting serious.

  • Hillary, I think you have gone too far with your comment “Bar Girls are for Fun”
    I was asked once at a Bar,”Who did my Laundry?
    I said I did and she had noticed I had two seams ironed in my Sleves.
    She did my Laundry after that and a has continued to do so for the Past 12 Years.
    We have been married 9 years have a House in the Village and like all marriages the passion has Waned but I would not change my Life Anyway.
    Sure life in Thailand is not a free Ride You must Pay your way. Maybe the Buffalo isnt sick but we work around it.
    So PETAL don’t Generalize.