Side saddle


Dear Hillary,

I’m a bit new to Thailand, so I’m probably not the first to ask this, but why do Thai women sit sideways on motorcycles? Have they always done this? You would never see anything like this in England, so it really blows me away every time.

Sideways Sam

Dear Sideways Sam,

You seem to have your eyes open here, but you must have had them closed in the UK. Go to any horsey event and you will see the women riding side-saddle. Even the Queen of England rode side-saddle. However, how can a woman in a short skirt look polite and decorous with the hem hitched up above the hips, and legs either side of motorcycle (or horse or elephant)?

  • Chris

    Silly question really, most of the time the girls concerned are in skirts so short if they sat any other way they would be infringing local public decency laws.