Short back and sides


Dear Hillary,

I’ve met up with a nice girl, well she’s 37, so not really a girl. She’s gone up country for a few weeks and we have been in touch by message. She tells me that she misses me and is looking forward to getting back to Pattaya, and I miss her too, but I wonder about whether she means it. I did meet her in a bar, but she said she was service, not for bar fine, if you know what I mean. She is up country doing a course in hairdressing so it’s not a Thai husband thing, and she sends me photos of her in the salon. What do you think, Hillary? Should I keep going here, or run for cover because of her past? (I bar-fined her to start our relationship.)



Dear Stuart,

Your lady is no youngster. Answer this: so why is she working in a bar? I would be very careful if I were you my Petal. Don’t fall in love, though it sounds as if you have already! If she were actually working in a salon it would be a better indication of what she wants in life. Just make sure you are not paying for the course and an apprenticeship down here.

  • Chris

    ” she said she was service, not for bar fine”

    That is a very common lie told by bar girls to unsuspecting punters in the hope that it makes them think they are not taking up with a bar girl.

    “(I bar-fined her to start our relationship)”
    Wait a minute she told you she was service not bar fine, first lie right there in the first meeting.
    By all means have some fun if she suits you but DO NOT FALL IN LOVE she is a bar girl albeit possibly one looking now to set up with a Farang who can look after her as she gets older.
    Just remember you can take the girl out of the bar but cannot take the bar out of the girl.

    • Ted Partridge

      i know from very recent experience,that what you want to hear is what they are going to tell you.and right on!dont fall for them ,or the cozy family stories and the rest of it.your shoes will be filled the day you leave,with someone else being number one my friend was leaving to be a teacher up north,but she lost the bus ticket ,i think and stayed put in the bar ,surprise surprise

  • Robert

    I have known several men who have married them and even taken their Thai children in. Years of the bar life sadly effects them. One went quite crazy on a friend (read drug use), another went for a younger Thai man, and a third kept two farang husbands.

  • Don Aleman

    I believe, for the most part, the other commenters remarks but, as in searching for anything precious, ( gold/diamonds/a real friend ), time and effort will pay off as there are women out there, unspoiled by Westerners, ( yes, we taught them ), demands/habits, who are ready and capable of being a desired partner in every sense of the word.

  • Petesie

    Treat her as she treats you; love her dearly but at the first indication of dishonesty or disrespect walk away…it will only get worse.