Salary for a Mia Chow


Dear Hillary,

Money again. She’s a great girl and I like her a lot and she says she would be happy to come and live with me. I almost said “Let’s go.” But she followed that up with, “How much you going to give me?” Do they all expect to be paid? I mean I would be supplying everything – home, food and suchlike. She has a good job in an office so wouldn’t need to pay out for a living and eating. And then wants an allowance on top. Is this usual in this country?


Dear Will,

Have you ever heard of a Mia Chow? That translates into a “rented wife”. She is just using you as a free meal ticket no doubt ’till someone with more money turns up. Not to be confused with a “Mia Noi” who is a rented girlfriend (but you pay the rent anyway)! You get nothing for nothing in Pattaya.

  • Robert

    Will, you came to Pattaya because you could buy cheap sex there, didn’t you? Cheaper and more democratized than any sex anywhere in the world. You cannot be too aged and ugly to score. Here is some advice: “The most expensive sex married or single men have is the sex they think they are not paying for.” So pay for it or begin estrogen treatments.