Run over by a bus?


Dear Hillary,

Listen to the pot calling the kettle black!  In friday (sic) 12th’s paper, you slate poor old Andy the budding brain surgeon for not being able to spell, then on the same page you answer Harry the Holidaymaker and spell buses incorrectly – twice.  Buses has only two s’s, not three (busses)…


Dear Harleyrider,

Where did you dig that up from, Petal?  That must be at least four years ago.  Amazing just what is still floating around the ionosphere.  However, just be a little careful, Harleyrider old chum, and check your facts before rushing into print with your six-shooters blazing.  Any half way decent dictionary will indicate that the plural of bus is “buses” or “busses”.  Either one is quite satisfactory.  The same half way decent dictionary will also indicate that the days of the week do have capital letters to start the day, so the one you were striving for was actually “Friday” (see, capital F).  However, if you ride a Harley, I will probably forgive you.  Or should that bike be called a “harley”?