Red light runner


Dear Hillary,

As you know there are many foreigners who have a Thai motorcycle license, but we don’t come within a whisker of becoming as competent as a Thai motorcyclist.  Well I’m on my way to being like a Thai rider.  I can now dial a number and speak on my mobile phone while riding my bike.  As we know indicators are never used by motorcyclists in Thailand so the one handed riding does not handicap you in any way.

My next test is to ride while holding an umbrella, but as the rainy season is over I will have to use it as a sun shade!

One last thing, we have pedestrian crossings in Chiang Mai controlled by a traffic light and the other day a Thai driver actually stopped on the red light!  My thought was he should be stuffed and put in a museum as that was an amazing thing to happen, a first I think!

Love to you and all the staff at the Mail, Hillary…


Dear Delboy,

How nice to hear from you again and to know that the training wheels have been removed from your motorcycle.  One of my farang acquaintances down here was all excited at having managed to complete an ambition.  This was to actually be the last one across on the red light!  This accomplishment was something very rare, as normally he had found there were at least four Thai drivers following him when he was running red lights.  However, my two-wheeled Petal, I do not condone this activity, and please make sure you are more careful in future.

  • Bet you can’t do a wheelie…