Reading on the bus


Dear Hillary,

I never see the children reading books on the school busses. All they do is play with their mobile phones, no wonder their English skills are so poor. What do you think Hillary? Any hope for the youngsters?


Dear George,

That is very deep, and really light years away from the purposes of this column. However, I do thank you for taking the time to contact me. If you are a regular reader, Petal, you will know that I despair at the spellings some of the correspondents use. Their and there totally misunderstood, and I would imagine that better proficiency in English would make the spellings improve, but I am not the one who knows.

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  • Robert

    Dear Dinosaur George,

    Books for school children are not as they once were. They are in the mobile device or in a tablet/notebook computer. As to English skills I have it on good authority from a teacher of English that Thai schoolchildren in government schools receive two hours per week of classwork in basic English. Whether the children are paying attention I do not know. I suspect not.