The path of true love


Dear Hillary,

I have been a loyal supporter of your particular column. I find your column very rewarding in that it is sort of like group therapy for us Thailand stricken folks. I find you very caring, loving, but mostly supportive of one and all who write in with their trials and tribulations that are sincere and straightforward. There are certainly so many varied experiences that us farangs encounter when first arriving at the gates to heaven on earth. I do not want to get into any long stories about my particular adventures in the wonderful land of smiles, but suffice to say, they have all been earth shattering, and downright addictive in nature. After many years of learning from my mistakes, I now find myself engaged in a loving, caring, and real marriage to a bar girl. In my eyes, and that’s the key; if we truly fall in love with another human being, then we should be willing to ignore all the flack, and give all our hearts and souls into that relationship, and embrace that individual’s culture and customs and adapt! Simple as that! I think the key is learn from our mistakes! And make the necessary adjustments if that is really what you want. MONEY! Money is for here and now, so let’s enjoy all our adventures, good and bad, and try to make this planet a better place for everyone, not just the chosen few. Thanks very much for all your hard and entertaining work Ms. Hillary.


Dear Jack,

Thank you for all the nice words. It is always nice to think that someone appreciates what goes into the column. You are also very caring and loving, and have obviously developed a broader viewpoint of life, and as you say, “let’s enjoy all our adventures, good and bad, and try to make this planet a better place for everyone, not just the chosen few.” I also like your philosophy on love, especially putting hearts and souls into the relationship. Sure, you may get burned on the way through, but it is never the end of the world. If you made money once, you can make it again. If you loved once, you can love again. And you are right, my Petal. Learn from your mistakes – in everything in life. Again thank you. You made my world a better place today as well. Now I think I’ll go and bark at somebody, just in case they think I’ve gone soft!

  • Chris

    Good luck, I hope it goes well for you even though the odds are stacked against you.

  • J West Hardin

    Try this……tell her you lost all your money and then ask if she still ‘ lobs yo long time”.