One moah beer?


Dear Hillary,

Last week you had someone from Australia saying that all women are different, and bar girls in particular, and roving males should “stop feeling sorry for themselves and get out and enjoy the company of the ladies in the bars.  That’s what they’re there for.  You don’t have to buy the library when you want to read a book.”  He was suggesting that every male should go straight to the beer bars because that is where they can really enjoy themselves.  I thought you gave him good advice, Hillary, when you wrote that bar girls are “A girl for the good times in life, not a girl who is good for life times.”  The biggest problem is that these guys forget that, get suckered in by the sweet talk, hands massaging thighs and rubbing up against this warm and very available, girl.  They can’t be blamed I suppose, but even though you are correct, how do we get the message through to the men out there?  Especially after “One moah beer?”


Dear Fredrick,

I wish I knew too, my Petal.  But then again, if we didn’t have the western warriors falling A over T for the local ladies, what a dull column this would turn out to be.  You interest me though.  You seem to know all the lady bar girl tricks.  Did you once fall under the spell of “One moah”?

  • Fred when you call ‘One Moah Beer’ that shows your pissed and its time to face reality of Hillarys quote.