No More! Amen!


Do you get bombarded with letters asking you to say Amen after their post. This can be asking for money, to asking you to buy something, to write on walls and other silly things. What do they honestly think the word “amen” will do? There must be a pile of disappointed folk out there if they ever go and check six months later.


Dear Leon,

With a little research it comes out that Amen is a word that came to English from Latin, which got it from Greek, which got it from Aramaic, which got it from Hebrew (technically, Aramaic may have had it anyway, before it became the standard language of the Jewish people a few centuries before JC played for Bethlehem United). If people want to do this, then fine. What is wrong is telling other FB friends to do this too. However, it means very little in today’s world. All the very best. Amen.

  • Chris

    Naughty Hilary, a quick google found the web site you plagiarised your answer from.