A Night Owl problem


Dear Hillary,

Help! I have a question that you might be able to answer for me. I am a night owl kind of person. My night life style is perfectly suited to Asia, which is one of the reasons why I retired here after my wife died. My ambition has always been to sleep during the day and party all night. I just love to go to bed about 2 a.m. and not wake up till ten a.m. I am more interested in catching the sunset than the sunrise. I would be happy if I never heard a rooster crow again and mornings only have a five a.m. if I have to catch a plane somewhere or I’m coming home late. In my previous marriage back home in the States, we had an agreement not to ask each other questions nor answer the phone until after ten a.m. Unfortunately my young girlfriend here now is just the opposite. She is a happy person and loves to get up at dawn and sing, clatter around and carry on and just can not stay awake after 8 p.m. which is just when I’m really getting into the swing of things. Is it just the age difference do you think? Or will we ever be able to meet in the middle?


Dear William,

My sympathies, Petal. No, I do not think it is the age difference. Some people are night owls, some are day dogs. Whether you can meet in the middle or learn to live with it, is a different kettle of fish. I suggest you try earplugs and eye shades for yourself and chewing gum and slippers in the mornings for your girlfriend. An afternoon nap might have benefits for both of you and firecrackers and bribery at night should keep her awake. Good luck, but I think you’re going to need it.

  • Don Aleman

    Sometimes a knuckle sandwich is the extreme but highly effective, solution.

  • J West Hardin

    Stop being such a cheap Charlie and get a bigger place.

  • pierre A

    The problem might be deeper. Can you communicate well? Are you on the same page
    about sex frequency? Do you share some interest ?

  • Chris

    One or other of you or both need to adjust, if that cant happen then ditch her and ship in another. My experience of Thai women has been that the vast majority prefer to get up late if they can so you have picked the exception rather than the rule.