Looking for cheap digs


Dear Hillary,

I have been looking for some good cheap and clean hotels in Pattaya. I inspected a filthy bungalow that had rooms for rent. It was so dirty that I saw a line of cockroaches leaving in disgust. I asked how much for a week, but he said nobody had actually stayed a week. I then went to a hotel on Soi eight. It was clean and fairly well presented but outside the windows were numerous bars, playing music at full blast. However, I stayed for one night and left a call with the receptionist for seven in the morning. When I woke the next day, I found seven bar girls in my room. Business in this hotel was obviously not good. The maids were stealing towels from the guests. Where should I look for my accommodation?


Dear Michael,

You remind me of Mick, an old friend of the column, who always seemed to be in trouble. I haven’t heard from him for about 10 years, so maybe the roaches ate him. But seriously, some of the best hotels are on Beach Road. Try there.

  • John Nielson

    You want good and cheap? You get what you pay for. As my grandfather used to tell me, if you want to buy fresh, green, nutritious grain to feed your horse expect to pay for it. If you’re willing to settle for grain that has already been through the horse you can get a better deal.

    Want a nice place to stay, pay a nice amount.

  • Robert

    Funny!!!! Great joke! like you could not find hotel reviews all over the net with reviews by those who have stayed there.