Look out for the Loan Tuna


Dear Hillary,

Further to the chap suspecting that his GF is gambling 2,000 baht a week – what you may not realize is that “loans” are conveniently available to her that would impress “Big Tuna Gambino” in New Jersey. I am acquainted with one fellow who had to sell two condos when his wife got this bug. The 2K per week could just be the interest. Oh, and the lender does not care if you do not owe him the money directly. He still expects you to pay Farang.



Dear Robert,

I’m afraid you are much more experienced in this than me. B. 2,000 a week is not small change for me, and I’ve never met the Big Tuna. I have heard of loan sharks, but never loan tuna’s. If someone has to pay, it looks to me that the chap who was asking about gambling debts last week should pack his bags and join the Olympic taxi drivers training camp and flee the scene.