Live to ride

Friday, 08 July 2011 From Issue Vol. XIX No. 27 By  Hillary

Dear Hillary,

Time to come and ride with us.  We are a bunch of good guys with big bikes.  We’re not Hell’s Angels but just ordinary guys that like to have fun and have a good time.  We’ve been reading your column and think you’re just not having fun any more, with all your pleading for chocolates and champagne.  We go for beer, but after a ride around the mountains you’ll be dying for a beer as well. B Well, are you willing to rise to our challenge and come for a ride with the Rancheros?

Ranchero 1

Dear Ranchero 1,

Do you honestly think I am going to get on the back of a motorcycle with a bunch of guys I’ve never met before, and who think the greatest fun in life is drinking beer?  Give me a break, boys.  It’s horses for courses.  You stick to your beers and riding round mountains, while I stick to the finer things in life (chocolates and champagne, as you correctly pointed out).  As I see you call yourself Ranchero 1, I presume there is at least two of you, and that’s another good reason for turning down your unforgettable offer.  Thanks, but no thanks.

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