Let’s talk this over


Dear Hillary,

My Thai GF talks all the time. I can hardly get a word in edgeways. She is always going on about what would I do if a) b) or c) were to happen. When I’m in the car I can never get her to stop, even when I say I’m busy in the traffic. Do all Thai women yak yak so much?


Dear Reg,

I’m sorry I can’t really reply to your email because I’m talking to the girl next door… Come on my Petal, you know what Thai women are like. Tell her you’ll give her 500 baht if she stops talking for 5 minutes. Or go into another room, and tell her why. That is the easiest question I’ve had to answer all week.

  • J West Hardin

    Most bar girls can’t speak more than ten words of English…..so he’s lucky. There’s nothing funnier than watching some conversation starved Kee Nok Farang fast talking euro-centric current affairs with the Mia Chao buried in a silent bowl of soup.

  • Chris

    Do all Thai women yak yak so much?
    Yes, but only if they are actually interested in you or trying to extract money from you, you need to work out which it is with your girlfriend. (if you met her in a bar it is almost certainly the latter although if you are a good prospect there might be an element of the former)