Let’s join a Ponzi?


Dear Hillary,

I came back to Pattaya after 14 years and how it has changed, now you have to be careful to not get hit by a motorcycle when your walking on the sidewalk! Not only that but the noise and air pollution etc. Then you have scammers that come from all over the world to operate in Pattaya! I recently was invited by some foreign investors who run an investment business. They offer you 7 to 10% on the amount of money you invest, $10,000 and up. The investments are based on real estate, condos and 5 star hotels, the couple of hotels they name are really 3 stars. Remember how many banks went bust in the USA, because of mortgagees! And the other thing that bothers me is this is the same percentage rate 7 / 10% Bernie Madoff offered when the banks weren’t even offering 1%. He’s serving the rest of his life in prison for his (Ponzi scheme)! And people lost their life savings! They even offer you free drinks, to try to get you to invest. If this Bernie Madoff was able to scam people in the US then Pattaya must be easy pickings! There is a saying that if something is too good to be true it probably is!


Dear Michael.

How pleased I am to see you are using the name your parents gave you, and not that awful contraction “Mike”. I have to say that I have never been approached by Bernie (should be Bernard) Madoff or by any other of the scammers you have been contacted by. Ah, I see now, my Petal, you have to give them $10,000 and they invest it. As I am having difficulty scraping together $10, they leave me alone. However, how do they know who to approach? $10,000 would be a fairly bulky parcel for when I go on my shopping sprees on the bicycle. I doubt whether the carrier would be big enough. How do they know it’s only groceries? Did a little digging and I found Madoff blew 65 billion dollars! That’s a lot of groceries!

  • J West Hardin

    “There’s a sucker born every minute “. P T Barnum

    “It’s immoral to let a sucker keep his money”.

    Jesse Livermore

    Interesting to note that Barnum, Livermore and Madoff all died broke.

  • Chris

    Wherever there are gullible punters there will be people trying to take their money off them. These real estate scams are not restricted to Pattaya but are also prevalent in European holiday resorts.
    Holidaymakers are easier targets as they tend to let their guard down a bit more than they would at home.