Left out of the lingo


Dear Hillary,

Why do Thais when they are out in company with English speaking people still speak Thai to each other, even though they can speak English?  I have noticed this a lot, now that I am well known enough to be invited for dinners and such.  Don’t you think it is very rude of them to do this, as they know I cannot speak Thai?

English Eddie

Dear Eddie,

Hey Eddie, Thanks for the email, but where are you living?  Check the address of where you live?  Let me tell you, my tongue-tied Petal, that you are living in Chonburi District – that’s part of Thailand at last count.  That country where the native language is called Thai.  Rather than them speaking English, it is you who should speak Thai.  Or is it that you are worried about the Thais talking about you?  Don’t worry about it.  But always remember that even paranoid people can have enemies!

  • Dill Pickles

    I can’t resist to post another comment an incident I found funny just a few nights ago. My wife spoke no English when I took her to the U.S. 2yrs of school there & she has done well. We were at one of favorite watering holes, the waitress spoke to my wife in English, this bar lets you buy happy hr. priced drinks before the end of it in advance & my wife replied in English. I interrupted in Thai, asking why are you 2 speaking in English when you are both Thai. They both at first looked puzzled then we all laughed.

    However I find a farang speaking a fare bit over the 33 yrs. I have been around is not as well accepted as was back then, sometimes even an annoyance to Thais in Pattaya. But now we are talking about 2nd. & even 3rd generations growing up, living & working here. Never with my Thai family but have noticed between girlfriends times they make an effort to talk around me.