I like Karaoke!


Dear Hillary,

A few weeks ago, one of your writers asked what is the attraction of karaoke bars for Thai people?  You sort of turned your nose up, but believe it or not I actually enjoy Karaoke!  Problem is there are very few places that have English language songs.  I know of SBI and DK but anywhere else?  Seems strange that some places only have about 10 songs in English.  For B.100 they could buy from almost any market, a whole VCD/DVD with loads of songs.


Dear John,

Each to his or her own, Petal.  You might like to take the chap’s Thai GF to your next Karaoke session, and see if you still like it as much when being on the receiving end of megawatts of out of tune distorted sound.

  • John….you really have problems!
    Buy a bar set up the Karaoke ….and like most bar owners you will be your best customer

  • John complains of only 10 English songs at Karaoke Joints. This would be twice as much as
    most Falangs know.
    Go to any Bar that has a Microphone and you will
    get the “would be “Frank Sinatra’s” doing it their way.(Some are quite good.) ( Some are Hopeless.)
    Move on to another Bar and sure enough in will walk Frankie and he will sing the same 3 Tunes sung at the last Bar.Night after night they roam around giving us their favourite songs, I did it my way, If Tomorrow Never Comes, Heartbreak Hotel
    and anything from the Saigon Era. I go along with John I wish the Karaoke Joints had more falang songs so I could sit back and listen to a Girl from
    Korat singing an out of tune Thai song that I haven’t got a clue what it’s about. Afterall I didn’t come here to listen to someone who might be “Big in Blackpool” strutting his Stuff.
    At least the Girl from Nakon Ratchsima is worth looking at.