“I do” (11 times)


Dear Hillary,

I just read about some Thai woman who got married 11 times and then scarpered with the dowries, never to be seen again. She targeted Thai men apparently. Imagine if she had got her hooks into some of our gormless farangs? However, how can this happen? Isn’t there a register of Births Marriages and Deaths, the way this information is kept in the UK? It would show up that this woman had already been through the mill. What is really amazing is that there must have been 11 bridesmaids. Were they in on it too? And her parents must have known something was awry. How did she keep the villagers to say nothing? Or were they in on it too? You’ve got more experience of these things, Hillary. Tell us.


Dear Simon,

Why are you so interested in something in the Thai community? As you pointed out, there was no farang involvement. However, the record keeping is another thing altogether. You see, Petal, all these made in heaven matches were not united at the Amphur office, but at the village level. Big difference. The Amphur marriages are recognized by the Thai authorities, where the village ones, dowry, party and a prayer to the buffalo are not. Since the union isn’t recognized, why bother recording it? Thais are pragmatic, my Petal. Mind you, I am left to wonder if she wore the same wedding dress each time, or was the dressmaker in on it too?

The sad fact about this scam is the fact there were so many lonely Thai men in their own country, not like foreigners who have a limited number of ladies to choose from. The bar of course then becomes the best source of companionship and the worst source of companion. And that is why they write to me.