Hots for the maid


Dear Hillary,

I am 45 years old and I consider myself to be a fairly normal person. Married with a couple of kids and ask anybody and they would say I’m a happy person, but I’m not. It sounds stupid, but I have got the hots for the maid at work. We smile every day, but it’s got no closer than that, but I feel that she is returning my smiles with more than just being polite. I have not been game enough to speak to her or even touch her as I have a good, well paid, responsible position at work and I would not want to lose that. The other thing is my husband also works for the same company, and I wouldn’t want to hurt him, even though life at home is pretty boring these days. What should I do, Hillary? I can’t ask anyone else, and sorry if I haven’t signed this letter, but I am sure you understand why.

(No Name)

Dear No Name,

You already know what to do, my Petal. This whole thing is just a flight of fancy. Many women at your age wonder what it would be like to have an affair (with either sex) and you are beginning to imagine something out of the ordinary, and transferring your emotions to this poor maid at work, who you have not even spoken to. Does this sound the logical way a woman in a “responsible position at work” would carry on? Mrs. No Name, stop daydreaming, let the maid carry on her job without being jeopardized by you, and just realize that this is a passing phase in your own life. If things have become boring in the family home, then start making life less boring. Take time to go to the movies or a picnic on the beach, or a drive to the zoo. There is plenty for you to do, responsibly, that will not hurt your own job, or your husband’s. Take heart in the fact that you are not abnormal, you are just reacting foolishly to what are some of the normal things in life.

  • Robert

    Dear No Name, only you know if you have homoerotic fantasies or feelings. Contrary to popular belief plenty of women with two children are gay or bisexual. A movie or trip to the zoo is not your answer and our “agony aunt” is not a therapist. I would never recommend an affair in your office in any case, but you do need to speak with someone who can assess your feelings and assist you in determining your unique path forward. After all, this is about your happiness! I am personally acquainted with three Thai lesbians with children. I have known lesbian mothers in America. I have known a sports figure in America who was “just fine” with his wife having a fling with a woman from time to time because it spiced his sex life with his wife. Not all men are this open minded and only you know the boundaries you and your husband have in your relationship. I would certainly include him in your feelings and ask for his support as your best friend in the world and how he feels about it if he is primary in your life. If you want more intimacy from him tell him about it. If he cannot give it to you see a counselor and get your feelings sorted out. Of course you have children to consider, but they are probably older now. Good luck and do everything you can to put yourself as a first priority.

  • Chris

    Keep love or sex away from where you work, If you want to have a bit of fun and experiment with another woman then by all means do it. there are plenty of ladies for hire out there who are happy to go with clients of either sex.