Hello! How are you?


Dear Hillary,

I have a friend in hospital in Pattaya, but when I ring I cannot get the details of what is wrong with her. I’m in the UK, so it is not easy to get a time to ring. The nurses just palm you off to someone else and all the time the overseas rates on telephones are ticking over. Is there some simple way.


Dear Maria,

What you are forgetting, while counting the coins dropping in the slot, is the confidential nature of being a patient. Would you like everyone to know what is wrong with you? You could be anyone on the other end of the phone, my Petal. If you want a bulletin, let the hospital know the relationship between you and the patient. And make the contact via email – much cheaper and satisfactory. Remember to attach the photo page from your passport.

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  • John Nielson

    Maria, get Skype. You can talk all day internationally for free.

  • Robert

    Firstly, sorry for your friend being unwell. You do not state whether she is British on vacation or a Thai national. It would be helpful to know which hospital she was in, but perhaps you know a third party (a mutual friend) who could take a cell phone into her if she has lost hers or is missing a recharger on her own phone. Most hospitals do not have in room phones here and if she is in a ward or ICU almost certainly no. I understand the frustration of not knowing anything if she is a close friend so please reach out to your other friends in Pattaya if you actually have friends here. If you do not I would suggest you inquire of “Pattaya City Expats Club” to see if any of them would be willing to visit for you. You could also contact the Episcopal church here if she is British. Just another idea for you. Hillary’s advice is good and I am just expanding on it.