Good Girls apply here


Dear Hillary,

I notice that most of the letters you get are from farang males who are complaining about what has happened to them in the bar scene. Surely they must see that there is a big difference between that side of Pattaya and the other side? If they were only to look past the end of their noses they would appreciate that there are some truly wonderful girls out there. I have been married to my Thai wife for four years now and there has never been a “bad moment” in all that time. She is beautiful, intelligent (a qualified accountant) and caring. I do not have to change the locks on my doors or worry that my suits will be cut up. She does not need ropes of gold to hold her in the marriage, or motorcycles, or houses. We have a partnership and mutual trust. Why don’t some of these men look for the “good” girls?


Dear Amazed,

There may be lots of reasons. One may be that the supply of “wonderful girls” is much less than the demand, so the single males gravitate to the good-time girls, of which there is a more than adequate supply. Look after your wonderful wife and buy her plenty of chocolates (you can send the champagne to me, Hillary, c/o Pattaya Mail) and continue to build on your mutual trust. Bar scene farangs generally are not looking past the end of their noses – it is some other part of the anatomy. By the way, which other side of Pattaya are you referring to? Surely not the Dark Side, I hope.

  • Chris

    Most of these men are in Pattaya for 2 weeks holiday with the intention of sleeping with plenty of prostitutes (Bar girls). Some enterprising bar girl convinces them that she 20 something and attractive loves them 60+ bald and fat. The guys are too stupid to see the truth.
    This is sex tourists getting ripped off by professionals, only their vanity and lack of brain to blame.
    Like you I also have a wonderful Thai wife of some 10 years who works in a shop and has never worked in a bar, I did not come to Thailand looking for prostitutes or even a wife to be honest it just happened as it might have in any other country. Of course if I had spent all my time in Thailand hanging around in bars I would only ever have met bar girls.