Good for what?


Dear Hillary,

I’m a good lookin’ guy, so getting the good lookin’ women isn’t hard for me. They play hard to get, but the problems don’t start there. Get them in the sack and then they want paying, just like a bar girl. No diff. No joke. It’s not worth the hassle for a product that’s no better’n one off the streets. But you keep on bleating about meeting the “good girls.” Good for what, Hillary, good for what?


Dear Jarred,

It seems to me that you are getting back exactly what you hand out. The good lookin’ high and mighty meets the good lookin’ high and mighty from the other side. Have you stopped to think that you were too full of yourself and needed taking down a peg or two? When I say look for the good girls, I presume that you are looking for a long term arrangement with someone who can be your partner. After reading your email, you don’t want a partner, you want someone you can lord it over. You’ve got a long way to go in this world, Petal.

  • Chris

    “Get them in the sack and then they want paying”
    If you are getting them in the sack as easily as you are making it sound then you are not finding ‘good girls’ but rather freelancing prostitutes posing as good girls. more fool you for not realising the difference. stick to the bar girls they are about your mark by the sound of you.