A good bar girl wife?


Dear Hillary,

You’ve been asked this before, but can a marriage work between a genuine farang and a girl who has worked in the bar for five years? She has been married before, usual story two kids and husband did a runner during the second pregnancy. Sends money home to her mother to keep the kids which are now 7 and 5. She and I have a basic attraction for each other and I am now going to the bar every evening and we sit and talk. She has come home with me a couple of times and I didn’t want her to leave in the morning. She wants to “take care” of me, and I am sure I would like that – BUT – you hear so many tales, I am hanging back. What do you think Hillary?



Dear Gerrard,

Can a marriage with a bar girl work? Yes it can, in her favor. Can a marriage with a bar girl collapse in a heap? Yes it can, in her favor. What you have to accept, my Petal, is that this girl is a long time professional. She has had five years of on the job training, and you are a babe in the wood. Look, it always takes two to tango, and you will never know by asking around. There are so many unanswered questions. What has she done in the five years? Probably some details that you don’t want to hear. Whatever, why don’t you dip the toe in the water (not the whole foot) and get her to live with you for three months. It will cost you to get her to leave the bar, it will cost you as now you will have double the expenses. Two can never live as cheaply as one. Get advice from a lawyer as to protecting yourself and assets if you want to finish after three months. And be careful how you step. It’s a minefield out there.

  • Chris

    Take to your toes straight away, the percentage of bar girl Farang marriages that last is very low and of those that do last for any length of time this is often because the Farang turns a blind eye to her indiscretions.
    5 years she has been a prostitute and still is, would you seriously consider someone like that in your own country as a wife?

  • Robert

    I am taken aback first by the possibility of what an “ingenuine” farang might be. Tell me first, are you not ever curious to meet appropriate women to have a respectable relationship with in your own age bracket? You see dear fellow this all depends upon you and where on the odometer you are coming from. If you are 50 and thinking of having a family with this woman it is a disaster in waiting. If you are 60 and want wild sex with someone who pretends you are 30 it is a disaster in waiting. If you are 70+ and think you need someone to drive for you it could work! In Florida Senior centers men are particularly attractive if they can drive after dark. One idiot in a condo building fathered a child at age 65 and has assured himself a (SHORT) lifetime of misery. Some people prefer misery and I say they should have it.