Girlfriend wrapped in plastic


Dear Hillary,

We have to remember that the reason any of these jaded, morose and inexcusably naive chaps are in a Pattaya bar in the first place is that they are the ones who have zero social skills and came here because they couldn’t buy a prostitute’s time at home even offering double… let alone possess the personality configuration or maturity to ever have had the natural pleasure of any history or normal social contact with a woman in any situation … or ever had a genuine girlfriend that didn’t come wrapped in plastic and brown paper. Ask around and you’ll find the bar seats filled with sex obsessed pathetically lonely losers and civilization’s rejects pushed by their astounding inadequacies onto the worlds fringes to wash up as human flotsam in a social sewer called Pattaya. I feel genuine sympathy for those impoverished starving girls who leave jungle villages and rice paddies with no choice other than having sex with a perverted, twisted lost wretch of a farang, unwanted and unloved in his own country, or watch her family slowly dying miserably in a mosquito infested shed.

Dear Mosquito Infested Shed,

Wow! A letter from someone who actually went right the way through school and uses his knowledge of A Level English to put a lovely letter together with allegories, similes and even metaphors. Oh the visions you have engendered with “flotsam in a social sewer called Pattaya.” And “impoverished starving girls … having sex with a perverted, twisted lost wretch of a farang.” But I ask, are you not being a trifle hard on the girls and the lost wretches? Regarding “choice” for example, what about SEVEn-11? My local (on both my street corners, looking at each other) gives me an airy greeting every time I set foot in the place, and they seem to have an endless line-up of young ladies with anti-mozzie sprays at the ready. Or are they all on one week contracts to CP-All?

Are all the farangs, who sit at a bar stool, sex obsessed and pathetically lonely losers? Come on, I must sound a trumpet call (or should that be strumpet call?) for all the bar stoolies in Pattaya. Some farangs, happily married, will drop in to the local pub for a pint on his way home, just as he used to do back in the UK at Little Muddling on the Marsh. Is there something basically unhealthy about this behavior? If nothing else it stops them dropping into the Post Office to pick up their girlfriend wrapped in plastic and brown paper. I am a little confused by this, but does it come with an electric pump (batteries not included)? By the way, you are getting a little awry with your apostrophes.

  • Chris

    The truth I am afraid is very far from that painted by the writer above, most bar girls are not in the bar out of desperation they are there to earn quick and better money than they could earn working in a shop hotel factory etc. The vast majority of them are lazy and would never hold down a real job.
    Far from being forced into it because they are desperate they are more likely into it because they cannot get up for work in the morning and want to sit around chatting with their mates and eating all day, of course there are others who are encouraged to go into it by their husband/boyfriends so that they can earn enough money to prevent the boyfriend/husband having to do an honest days work.

    • Fred Flintstone

      But it is rather accurate about the men in the equation depending upon neighborhood, high season and type of establishment. This ain’t about “the local pub” any more than it is about astrophysics.

      • Chris

        Couldn’t agree more is some bars the only customers are sad fat old farangs who obviously would NEVER get laid anywhere without paying a prostitute and is there purely because the prostitutes in the bar are cheap.
        If only they could understand (as I do) what the girls say to each other about them even they would probably not be there.

  • Fred Flintstone

    All one requires is eyes, ears, high season, phrases yelled out like: “So, where are the b***ches?” (and they were not looking for sand) in public. I have heard it at the gym, seen it and heard it in a restaurant, mall or grocery with children present. I am not saying all men, all places all pubs are spots for this. However they drag it around everywhere with them without respect for anyone including themselves.

  • J West Hardin

    Dear Hillary, the use of ‘ellipsis’ indicate an understanding by way of contextual clues’.

  • Don Aleman

    I never did say that the ” Evening Blossoms” were all ” pure as the driven snow” & personally, don’t give a rat’s ass about their reasons for doing what they do but they do do it quite well & inexpensively for which I, and thousands of others, appreciate, While there are some foreigners who act badly most I’ve met, at Ex Pat clubs, restaurants, etc. do not use bad language in discussing women nor spend much of their time drinking.Many, in fact, were leading citizens/executives/professionals/business owners/managers before retiring in Thailand. Often others criticize the adult entertainment venue/participants without realizing that the things/places they enjoy about Thailand are, at least, in part, a pretty large part in Pattaya, supported by the ones they criticize and, apparently wish were not here. Be careful what you wish for !

    • J West Hardin

      Stats show that the numbers of ‘grey wave’ ageing perverts acting out as sex tourists are increasing by the year and will continue to increase now that we are cutting into the deep wedge of the Baby Boomer generation. Retired civil service workers from the western democracies , in particular, by the hundreds of thousands, have recreated themselves as sex tourists with a pension. In the past several decades of sex tourism, pervs would hide in the general tourist arrivals, but increasingly the number of perverts is out-pacing the numbers of average tourists….a complete reversal.

      In the dozens of past articles I have written for publication on the topic of global sex tourism I never dreamed that this demographic shift of new civil service retirees would add overwhelmingly to the worlds sex pervert population. Countries around the world are verifying exponential increases in sex tourists crimes , behaviours and sadly huge increases in the number of child predator molestors. This isn’t just a Thai-specific issue. Sex tourism is spreading like malignant cancer.

      Who would have thought that all those union cards, civil engineers, ticket takers , bus drivers, lawyers and teachers would have gone through life with such deep repressed resentments and anger over self imposed inadequacies (because there’s always redemption/remediation available) and have harboured such deep gruesome drug and alcohol fantasies fuelled by an addiction to pornography, about women and children, to now unleash a brutal nightmare of pedophiles and perverts into the impoverished populations of the third world.

      Anyone who thinks that women choose prostituion, that it isn’t imposed on them through circumstance, or that children choose to be molested…is perhaps beyond redemption and must find high balconies of Pattaya an attractive option to waking up with themselves.