Gimme the money


Dear Hillary,

I had a fabtastic time in Thailand about 35 years ago. Came back a few times on my vacations. Had a wonderful time, which ended up costing me very little. The ladies were more interested in my having a good time knowing that I would look after them for their time as well. I’ve been back here on holidays now for two weeks and I find the women here in Thailand are still the best eye candy I have ever seen, but now all they want is my money, and they have so many reasons that I should give it to them that it is just amazing. I thought sick buffaloes was a joke, but the whole goddam herd is sick. Brothers on motorcycles where none of them know how to ride. Amazing Thailand as they say. What should I do, Hillary? Give them money or what? I sure like having them around me, but at this rate I won’t have enough left to eat by the end of the month. I’m 52, by the way.


Dear Michael,

Everything changes. Even you, if you care to look in the mirror. You didn’t have a responsibility in the world when you were 17 and had a wallet full of money. The girls you dated are grandmothers by now and the brothers now have a pick-up. Just let the present crop of “Hello Sexy Man” girls know that you are not spending more than XX THB and they will leave you alone. Read the local Isaan Times about the buffalo which fixed its own broken leg!

  • Don Aleman

    Just eat on Mondays and Thursdays !

  • Robert

    Let’s face facts, you were prettier to them way back when. Step into your new reality, welcome, you are lucky you have made it this far with the two ex wives back home collecting alimony.