Get your diamonds here girls


Dear Hillary,

You were asked where to buy diamonds – Yes Hatton Garden in London… Definitely NOT Thailand.



Dear Chris,

Thank you for the timely advice, so that people who have bought diamonds here don’t go and deposit them in Hatton Garden. A brief perusal of the British Daily Mail revealed news of a heist on Easter last year with the huge amount of goods stolen. Valuables worth up to £14million, including gold, diamonds and sapphires were taken. Two-thirds of them remain unrecovered.

The gang – who have been described as ‘analogue criminals in a digital age’ – were tracked down due to a series of mistakes, including one of them using his own car during the heist.

Following a painstaking investigation in which a surveillance operation caught three of the ringleaders bragging about the raid in a north London pub, the group were arrested.

And what’s more, they were all pensioners. But fancy bragging about it in their local pub. I’m never going to listen in to conversations around the Jameson’s Nova table again!

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  • Chris

    Now now Hilary, the question was not where is the safest place to store your diamonds but where to buy them.
    I am sure you will agree that Hatton Garden is internationally renowned as a safe place to purchase diamonds from. I would certainly feel a lot happier that I had purchased genuine quality stones in Hatton Garden than the corner jewellery store in downtown Pattaya who’s brother the songthaw driver has just dropped me off there.
    I would also feel that I would be more likely to be looked after if I had been ripped off in London rather than by the keystone cops in Pattaya who would probably just want a bit more money to do their jobs and investigate and then drop the whole case if any suspects turned out to be another of their ‘benefactors’ (or am I just cynical?)