Forget the ewes, it’s the Rams you have to look after


Dear Hillary,

Can you recommend a good computer technician? Every time my computer breaks down, the technician takes it away to fix it, and returns it several days later and when I go to use it, something else doesn’t work. “You haven’t got enough RAM,” seems to be the catchword with these people, but even after buying more, the problems are still there. Any ideas, Hillary?

Sheep station

Dear Sheep Station,

You’re lucky it’s only a RAM problem. I’ve bought a veritable sheep station of RAMs and now they’re telling me it is my operating system that is no good. I ask you, what’s wrong with Windows 1946? It worked before, why not now? Honestly Petal, I have no idea about this modern technology. Bring back faxes, I say. I could understand those.

  • Robert

    I found it was easier just to buy new every four years and avoid these “woolly” problems.

    • J West Hardin

      I suspect that many problems arise from the continuous patches and upgrades which require specialized attention to systems re-configuration….a skill most do not possess. After a while our ageing systems begin to get ‘buggy’ and require the attention of a ‘technician…many who don’t possess the right skills to fix any current issues as many of their certifications are outdated.

      Is this all planned obsolescence? We’ve certainly learned that’s a possibility with the outrageous admission by Apple that they were systematically altering our older model iPhones by remote intrusion. I didn’t believe their excuse as to why they were doing it without permission, nor accept the apology and offer of cheap ‘battery replacement’.

      Long story short…I agree with Ralph, buy a new system every few years, they’re certainly cheap enough these days at a reputable chain….often less over time than the constant attention and downtime of a ‘technician’ and steady stream of questionable origin spare parts. I bought a new Lenovo…Yoga….with windows ten..all the bells and whistles…..recently….works like a charm…..for now.

      Or….you put sign up your bar girl for an online Microsoft Certification course…and she can fix your sagging O/S when need be. That way she’ll get some real value out of your ridiculous relationship and you can move on , when the time comes, knowing that you haven’t been an entirely useless selfish perv during your time in the Kingdom.

      • Robert

        Unlike yourself sir, I have been with my same companion for 41 years. No bargirls, just retirement here, although I did have the good sense to leave the Pattaya area.

        • J West Hardin

          Pattaya is a wonderful place to fly over but, I wouldn’t want to live there. Congrats on the relationship longevity, but what’s your point, if you came here to find an impoverished jungle cutey off Craig’s List what’s the difference between that arrangement and a bar girl? And 41 years you say? Did you retire in your twenties?