Floor cookers


Dear Hillary.

(Further to complaints regarding the Isaan ladies floor cooking): I’ve been married to a Thai woman for 20 years. We have a house in California and built a farang style house in Isaan. She has a nice kitchen in both houses. When in Isaan, she and her family ignore the kitchen and sit on the floor on the front porch to do all their cooking and eating. It’s part of their culture. Get used to it.



Dear John,

Completely correct, my Petal. It is a cultural thing amongst the people from the N.E., just as it is a cultural thing for Westerners to sit up at a table and put their knives and forks together on the plate when they have finished eating. This is as much a cultural thing as the Tibetan funerals where the body is left on a rock for the ravens to dispose of, as opposed to Thai cremations and Western burials. The world is full of such interesting cultural differences.

  • Chris

    Here here! What is wrong with them sitting on the floor anyway if it is what they are comfortable doing.