Exchange rates a problem


Dear Hillary,

I have been coming to Thailand for over 20 years, I used to come 2/3 times a year. I now only come once a year, the reason being the Thai THB. Over the last few years I have noticed how many shops, bars, go go bars have closed down. Most people now are staying away or going to Cambodia or Vietnam which are better value. I will give you one example (Emirates) airline has taken one flight off per day from one UK airport going into Suvarnabhumi international, let’s say there were 250 people per flight per day, that’s 1,750 per week, 7,000 per month. Total 84,000 for one year, this is just one airline, this is surely is having a great effect in the Thai economy ?????, so Hillary if you have any influence with the powers to be, tell them to wake up and smell the coffee. If the Thai THB was between 65/70 and not 40 to the pound, the economy would be better for all concerned (shops, bars, go go bars) the whole of the Thai economy would benefit, then I would start visiting Thailand more often.

Phil Shropshire England

Dear Phil from Shropshire,

Thank you for your in depth examination of the current tourism sector in Pattaya with reference to the UK. Looking first at the value of the THB – this value depends upon many factors, far more than I know of, but I can remember when it was 70 THB to the Pound Sterling. This was great for visitors and catastrophic for those of us who lived here. Everything seemed to cost double, so you can’t say that the whole of the Thai economy would benefit. Influence on the powers that be? I’m just a little voice in the wilderness, I’m afraid. Now you are only looking at the UK tourism. Now, will it surprise you to know that the Chinese tourism surpasses UK? And the Russians are coming back too. Finally, even at 40 THB Thailand offers you more holiday fun than Shropshire!

  • John Nielson

    So the suggestion is that massive inflation would make it easier for people who can’t afford to visit Thailand to come here. At the same time it would cut the value of every single Thai person’s savings, house, salary, etc. in half. Poor tourists from England benefit while Thai citizens get hammered. Gee, who wouldn’t go for that deal?

  • J West Hardin

    Sure, make pussy and beer cheaper for the poor British punter…..that’s going to make everything here in Thailand muuuuucccchhh better. Lol

  • Robert

    I suppose this individual also voted for Brexit. The Pound is down 15% and will stay down 15% as that is where it is desired by your exporters. The USA dollar will range from 33-35 because of the dynamics of the size of markets and where Thailand wants to be as an exporter.

  • Chris

    It would not be “great” for the Thai economy as tourism whilst important is not even the major factor in the Thai economy.
    If you want cheap Phil then feel free to go to Cambodia or Vietnam. Staying at home would be even cheaper.