Election worries

Friday, 22 July 2011 From Issue Vol. XIX No. 29 By  Hillary

Dear Hillary,

With the latest elections in Thailand, how do you think the change in government will affect those of us who work off-shore, but have our wives and children in Thailand?  Should we move our money off-shore, or should we just pull up stumps and try Malaysia or the Philippines or somewhere else?  I believe the real estate market is depressed too.  It’s all a bit worrying.  I’ve worked 20 years off-shore to get what I’ve got now.  I don’t want to see it just go down the gurgler.

Worried Joe

Dear Worried Joe,

I’m the last one to ask about whether you should keep your money here or move it overseas.  I keep mine in an old sock under the bed.  That’s one sock, too, my Petal.

Will things change in Thailand?  I really don’t think so.  Look back at all the governments we’ve had in the past 10 years, different colors, different ideas, different names, and life just carries on for us little people.  How tall are you Joe?  If you’re over two meters, better hope they don’t tax you by the centimeter!

The real estate market may be a bit slow for a while, but it always comes good over time.  I don’t think you’ve got to pack your bags and do a bolter.  But what’s this “gurgler” thing?

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