Divorce and Alimony


Dear Hillary,

I remain utterly flabbergasted that every week, or it seems that way, you will get another letter from a broken hearted male who has lost another house and several ounces of gold to another young Thai hussy.  That is after the buffalo has had its expensive injections to get it on its feet again.  Does nobody warn these people that this is the most likely outcome?  Perhaps you should have a notice inserted in the Pattaya Mail that Thai women are a wealth hazard!

Browned Off

Dear Browned Off,

You do not say where you came from, but all the western so-called developed countries have their own financial hazards in the men and women stakes.  Called divorce settlements and alimony, these are resulting in many men who have lost several houses, cars and been made poor by the women in their own country.  In America they are even drawing up “pre-nuptial” agreements as a form of “damage control” to try and quantify and contain the loss on splitting up.  Since more than 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce in the western world, that’s a lot of houses out there in the matrimonial maelstrom.  I remain absolutely flabbergasted that people such as you protest so loudly your amazement that this happens here, as if it didn’t in your own countries.  If you don’t believe me go your local Chicken Pluckers Arms in the UK and take a straw poll of how many men have lost everything but their shirts to some English women.  You get off lightly over here.  I do also take you to task, branding all Thai/Farang marriage failure females as being hussies.  Would you say the same about British women?  Or Americans?