Cheating a national pastime?


Dear Hillary,

One of your writers was wondering if his wife (or GF, I can’t remember if it said) was cheating on him. Thai women have cheating down pat, and you can tell the ones who are going up country and have up country friends staying down here, that they are all covering for each other. The ones from the bars slip into it more easily, but there (sic) sisters then follow. If it’s OK for Noi then it’s OK for Nam. They come from completely different cultures completely different morals and different ideas on what’s right or wrong. The crime here is in being found out, not in the cheating. All the overseas men should understand this before hooking up with a Thai woman. Do you agree with me and how I see it?

Another Jerry

Dear Another Jerry,

Reading between the lines, I think you are writing from experience, and still hurting. Honestly Petal, there are just as many honest ones as there are cheaters. But you are right that if the girl comes from the bar, that is a cheating environment (big word for a Friday!) and remember that “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” If they work in a bar, they follow what bar girls do. They have to start somewhere and once they are in that circle, it is very rare that they will leave it totally.

  • Chris

    You can take the girl out of the bar but it is much harder to take that bar mentality out of the girl. I know everyone likes to be polite and refer to these girls as bar girls but lets be honest they are not girls they are grown women who have chosen prostitution as a career. They WILL cheat.

    • J West Hardin

      Indeed…..once a whore always a whore. The faster a punter realizes this the better. Does anyone really think that when your ‘wife’ comes home at dawn looking like she’s been dragged backwards through a wringer that “she’s been talking to friends”? Don’t be stupid…’re only part of her income.