Cardiac surgeon wanted. Apply any bar!


Dear Hillary,

Having been around Pattaya for about six months now, I have noticed that in every bar there is at least one girl with a “broken heart” sitting sobbing in the corner. Given the nature of their employment, surely this cannot be the real situation? Don’t they realize that all their associations are only temporary? The tourist is here today and gone tomorrow. So their chances of long term happiness are zero, zilch, nothing. Yet they are sitting there with another “broken heart”. Are they stupid, or what? Surely they understand this before they go to work in the bar. Tell me Hillary, or have you got a “broken heart” too?



Dear Marcus,

Well, aren’t you the milk of human kindness, my Petal! Why do the girls get a broken heart? Because no matter where they work, these girls are totally normal, with all the usual hopes and aspirations that even young farang men such as yourself have or have had at some stage in your life. Is this the person for me? Will this person really love me? Will this person bring me a new life? When you are working from a baseline of poverty and planting rice all day, any foreigner who has enough money to get over here has untold riches from the point of view of a young farm girl. If you suddenly found Venus Williams was dating you and you began to have high hopes of basking in her lifestyle, you’d have a broken heart too if she suddenly upped and left, wouldn’t you? The girls with the “broken hearts” are just the same. Has Hillary got a broken heart? Certainly not over heartless men like you, Poppet!

  • Ted Partridge

    that was an obvious wind up

  • Chris

    The hearts are getting broken all the time…….every time another walking ATM walks away from them they lose the love of their life…..Money!