Cabernet Sauvignon on the way – I can hardly wait!


Hi Hillary,

Love your column. We come over twice year and you always keep me up to date on what is happening in Pattaya so yes this year we will be over on the 27th December so would love to drop off some chocs and not champagne but nice Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon for you.  Cheers,

Jo Ann Mandurah, Australia / Gods Country xxxxooooooo

Dear Jo Ann,

What a sweet and wonderful lady you are!  The Margaret River area produces some great wines, and of course, you’re not allowed to call your Australian bubbly “champagne” because the French have this silly idea that they own the name.  If it contains alcohol and comes in a bottle, I’ll love it!  Thank you in advance for my Xmas present!

  • Hi Hillary Like Jo ann I also come from Australia.
    I also come up twice a year.
    My problem is that I am mobility impaired.
    I need no assistance once aboard the Plane.
    I mentioned to my best friend how lucky I was as I had a vacant seat beside me.
    I’ll add a bit more here.I shower at least twice a day.
    My wife adds freshener to my Laundry I am not fat
    and so do not Perspire.I have complete control of my body functions and consider myself Sqeeky clean
    Back to my problem.My Best friend said it was Airline Policy to leave a vacant seat beside old men travelling alone as they are inclined to STINK.
    I told him he was out of line and he said a Travel agent told him and it was documented.
    I said the airlines would be sued out of existence
    If it were true.He said he didn’t mean that I smelled but I feel he has said it by association.(one in all in.)
    Also said they will refrain from seating young people next to old Codgers.
    Right or wrong I will feel bad if I score a vacant seat and really nervy if they seat someone next to me.
    Do I Dump Him or just feel Sorry for him?