On behalf of bar girls


Dear Hillary and the previous letter writer (regarding Bar Girls),

Do not people go on holidays just to enjoy certain foods/beverages not available to them at home, others to view sights also not available to them at home and yet others, sports activities and, me plus millions of others, for sexual sights/sounds/activities. Everything, EVERYTHING, in the world is about money or sex or a combination plus some alcohol/gambling which are all victimless crimes (made crimes primarily by those who profit from crime), entered into voluntarily & involving their OWN bodies so why should anyone be in a position to criticize them? I, and the aforementioned offenders don’t criticize prudes for being prudish! Personally I could never understand why anyone male/female would want to be with just 1 other person for, say, 50 years! Nor would I relish a sexual encounter or even viewing an unclothed 80 year old woman. It is estimated that 60 percent of all Internet surfing is to porn sites, (billions of hits daily) so more people enjoy what some, you two, disdain.  To be explained, the “Evening Blossoms” on behalf of all 80 year olds at bars and otherwise, spread happiness, often temporary but wholesome none the less, to many, some women profiting handsomely but most, just getting by. Interesting that both commenters appear to have vast knowledge of this subject when, both find our behavior appalling!


Dear Don,

I love getting letters from someone who takes the opposite tack to everyone else. But first, a little bit to be explained by you, however. Have you been peering through my bedroom windows? Snide remarks about unclothed 80 year old women. Desist! Or I will have to get the 80 year Army to descend upon your 7-ELEVEn and we will all do a strip to music of course, (probably Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth) and force you to look upon our well worn 80 year bodies, complete with postman’s mail bags. Anyway, yours isn’t all that well preserved either. The girl from Soi Half Dozen told me about it (sorry, you!) I believe the worry is not about Evening Blossoms, but more about the Morning Glory (or lack of it).

  • Fred Flintstone

    Never did I understand the tendency of people to regard “lust” as fulfillment in itself or mentally wholesome. It is only nice, but it is not fulfillment and the proof is in the abuser and the abused. Such miserable people. Always seeking a new thrill and always empty afterward.

    • Don Aleman

      C’mon you two, Chris & Fred, many, millions as it were, are involved in the same sort of so called scams as the girls are accused of & never considered to be mental/physical purveyors of sex. Do dress designers concentrate on making the purchasers comfortable or making men & other women UN comfortable ? How are perfume/diamonds marketed ? What products/services/vacation spots do not include an often scantily attired woman ? Obviously not as blatant as Marketing sex openly but most definitely soliciting attention to the female form. Do not women who buy the aforementioned items/get expensive beauty treatments/ wear exotic clothing/lingerie/$ [email protected] ounce essences, expect to attract male attention ? Personally I want my wife to look hot as a ” Look At who I have” sort of feeling.
      I do not use the word lightly but, in fact, feel WHORE describes most of us , in one way or another – physically or just mentally. Some do so for a better job/political position/peer admiration but most of us sell out for Hmn ? what was it ?, ah yes ! ” Temporary pleasure ” !

      • Fred Flintstone

        Very shallow. You only look foolish. You have become a walking stereotype and source of derision. I only hope you are not out together often unless it is at your farm in the hinterlands. But that is all right “bugger on as you have” but don’t crow about it or you may start getting packets of “Morning Glory’s” sent to Pattaya Mail C/o Hillary.

        • Don Aleman

          Aw Fred,( obliviously your real name), I don’t communicate with cartoon characters especially those with equally similar unrealistic lifestyle depiction’s. Best you stay with similar characters like say, The Simpsond.

  • Chris

    I think that (mostly) people do not have a problem with the fact that the bar girls (prostitutes) and their punters (sex tourists in the main) are exchanging money for sex, let’s face it this happens all over the world.
    The problems that mostly arise on these pages is when the punter ‘forgets’ he is with a skilled prostitute and mistakes her caring for him as part of her job for love and the girl will (surprise surprise) take full advantage of the situation to relieve him of as much money in as short a period of time as she can before moving on to her next victim.
    If ever there was a business transaction that should have ‘buyer beware’ stamped on it it is that between a bar girl and her punter.