Is there a bar in Terminal 21?


Dear Hillary,

I love your column, but it always amazes me that so many Brits fall for the same traps. I come here with my wife every year for three months and we of course don’t spend our time in the bars as there are so many good things to see or do. How the traffic is going to handle the new 21 shopping center, complete with its own jet plane in the car park, I don’t know. Our friends back home don’t believe us. Getting back to my question, my wife suggests that there should be a warning on the airline tickets, maybe using your wise words?

Albert and Maddy

Dear Albert and Maddy,

What a lovely couple you are, worrying about the young lads on their holidays. Do the warnings on cigarette packets really work? The same would go for warnings on airline tickets I think. There have been many books written with warnings about falling in love with a Thai lady, but like the fag packet warnings, do they actually get read? No, I think that for the young lads Pattaya is just another step towards maturity. A step they will remember all their lives. So, if they lose a little money on the way, does it really matter? You get nothing for nothing.

  • Chris

    Generally speaking Hillary I think it is the older guys rather than the youngsters that need the warnings. Most youngsters do not have an accumulation of wealth to be taken off them or the funds to ‘build a house in Isaan’. Sure they might get stung for a few lady drinks but hey that is the learning curve.
    The sad old duffers that end up believing that a twenty something lovely find their fat bald 60+ body attractive are the ones that REALLY get stung. Unfortunately there is no cure for stupid!