Bar girl choices?


Dear Hillary,

I think you are a bit hard on the bar girls.  They are doing a tough job and are only doing it because they don’t have another choice like the girls in the west.  So you should go a bit easy on them.


Dear Reg,

Which shower did you come down on?  Bar girls, like the majority of women in Thailand, have plenty of choices.  They are not forced to work in a bar at the point of a gun.  They could always become Agony Aunts!  Certainly there are some girls forced into prostitution up-country, but the bar girls that work in the foreigner’s marketplace have selected that occupation.  I think you should have another look, my Petal.

  • Reg your right the girls are doing a tough job…looking after you!

  • Jerry S

    I have dated a nurse, a professional masseuse and a factory electronics technician. All quit their jobs for the easy life called ‘sanook’ (fun) and late sleeping without a care. They have no regrets.