Another positive?


Dear Hillary,

Another lamb to the slaughter with Barry’s mate lining himself up with a blushing bride from one of the bars (your column three weeks ago). You said it would end up like Paul McCartney or Greg Norman, and I reckon Tiger Woods will have shelled out a few shills as well. You paint the picture of gloom and doom, but there’s lots of successes as well, only you don’t hear about them. I have one mate who lined up for a second time after a disaster first time. Here they are 12 years later and they are as happy as Larry. Dangerous to generalize, Hillary. You should know that.

Barry’s Other Mate

Dear Barry’s Other Mate,

You are correct, that I shouldn’t generalize, but I can only work with the information fed to me, my Petal. When I start to get as many positives as negatives in the mail box, then I’ll change my tune. In the meantime, enjoy the bars, but don’t be too cocky, there’s plenty of danger out there.

  • LondonChris

    I too have a friend who has been happily married to an ex Thai bar girl for many years (nearly 20) but then he did take her away from the bars and those influences to England. Also before her he had 2 failed marriages both to Thai bar girls who went straight back to the bars.
    Sadly with a bar girl the odds are stacked heavily against you and reduce to minute if you leave her in the place where she has easy access to the bars and the influence of her co workers.