Another culture vulture


Dear Hillary,

My Thai GF has a very annoying habit when we are out together in public. She doesn’t hold hands because she walks two paces behind me all the time. I tell her to move up and be with me, but that lasts about 20 seconds. I don’t want her to walk behind like a servant, I want her to share life with me, not my back. Aussie women are quite the reverse. Is this a habit of hers, or do all Thai women put on this inferior attitude?


Dear Ethan,

Thai people, both men and women, and I suppose I should include the Ladyboys here, have been doing this subservient thing for generations. Knee walking and prostrating themselves was thrown out by King Chulalongkorn many years ago, but they still do it. It’s in the genes or something, Petal. You won’t change it, just the same as you won’t change your Aussie women for congregating in the kitchen while the menfolk stand around the BBQ outside with a “tinnie”.

  • Ted Partridge

    i,ve seen this so often in pattaya and cant get my head around it ,to see a little thai lady tagging along like a puppy behind an obese piece of humanity strutting along like king farouk ,comes over to me as if he,s showing how he,s da man,and she is what i,ve paid for .must admit though,if thats what she wants,then thats a different story ..walking behind him might be her way of non allegiance to someone she is not happy to be seen with .just seems strange to me from the sidelines

  • Ted Partridge

    possibly could be an ingrained cultural or racial thing with no personal problem with her present companion ..just occurred to me