Age before beauty


Dear Hillary,

I do get tired of reading about all these people who complain they have been ripped off by Thai women. My first Thai wife and I had a wonderful relationship which only ended after 10 years when she died. My second Thai wife has just been so loving and caring. She was a friend of my previous wife and she knew the sad story, but was there to support me. The men who write in to you, Hillary, should start to look at older women and not these flirty young gold diggers they see in the bars.


Dear Robert,

It always pleases me to get emails like yours. You are correct that Thai women can be the most supportive women on earth. You are a very lucky man Robert, who looked beyond the beer bars.

  • J West Hardin

    Not to mention…..the odds of a woman over thirty getting married in Thailand is on par with getting hit by lightning on a cloudless day. I would imagine the “friend’ saw a vulnerable old fool and slipped him a ‘free one’ ….oldest trick in the book. No doubt her suitcases had been behind the door since the funeral.