A husband with the wanders


Dear Hillary,

What do you suggest should be done with what I am sure is a wandering husband? Probably because of the unending opportunities that there seems to be for the men-folk here (but none for the women it seems), it must be a temptation to wander. I have caught several of my friends’ husbands out on more than one occasion at some beer bars, and I am sure that mine is just as shameful in his leisure hours. Any idea, Hillary, on keeping up with the wanders?


Dear Wander Wanda,

Seriously, I think you are a little off the mark when you say you have caught these wandering husbands out at beer bars. Sitting there drinking and laughing with the staff, or in flagrante delicto? There’s a big difference, Petal. You are also wrong when you say there’s nothing for us ladies, but then perhaps the real reason for your letter was to find out where we ladies can go for laughter and libations as well. Ask the wives of the wandering husbands you follow and you will find out. What were you doing wandering around the beer bars anyway? Finally, if you’re worried about his wandering and not finding his way home, then get him a map!

  • Don Aleman

    Shut up about it or you may be alone, physically/financially.

  • Chris

    Either put up with it or leave him. Not too tricky a choice really is it.

  • Taquewat

    Hillary you are always so funny and wise at the same time.