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City Villa 3rd Road, Pattaya

New reformed City Villa in the heart of Pattaya; close to 3rd Road / LK Hotel; walking distance to Soi Bokhao; 120 sqm living...

What Does the Sale of $1.5 Billion in Philippines Government Bonds Really Mean?

The Philippines Government recently became the first in Asia to borrow money from the international debt markets. This came with the sale of $1.5...

China accuses US of trying to block its tech development

Beijing (AP) — China's government on Monday accused the United States of trying to block the country's industrial development by alleging that Chinese mobile...

Bangkok reports mostly good air quality

Bangkok - Good air quality was reported in the greater Bangkok area on Sunday but officials say the PM2.5 concentrations could rise this week. The...

Philippines says 136 people have died in measles outbreak

Manila (AP) — The Philippine health secretary said Monday that 136 people, mostly children, have died of measles and 8,400 others have fallen ill...

Latest Stories